Gmail for Domains Update: Nerdical Delight!

So e-mail for our domains is now handled by Gmail; the switch was a simple matter of changing MX records and adding existing users of email to the Gmail for Domains web panel.
The way I was using my e-mail before was simply to have it forwarded to my Gmail account, and archived on my webhost’s mail server.
The way I will use it now is the same, except that my account is also hosted on the Gmail server.
This should reduce some stress on my webhost’s mail server, which is theoretically a good thing since it should reduce their costs, if even by a minute/insignificat amount. It is in my interest for them to benefit, because I pay for their services. You could counter that I have traded this benefit for security, but that doesn’t really worry me – if you want to keep something secret, don’t mention it in e-mail at all; it is that simple. Whether it is Google or some other party that wants your secrets, they are not safe in your e-mail. Period.
One practical issue I have regards Spam filtering. Spam from my account seems to be getting caught at that address and not forwarded to my address. This means that in order to catch any false positives, I will have to log into the account and dig through the spam bucket.
The truth is, I can’t be bothered to do that – it takes too much time and is aggravating to see how many different ways spammers can spell any given prescription medication. However, in the past couple years of using Gmail, I have only had a couple false positives, so I figure I can live with that.
The greatest benefit, of course, is that we now get to use the Gmail interface for all of our e-mail, and this beats the hell out of old, tired webmail programs like Horde, NeoMail, and Squirrel Mail provided by many webhosts. And all of our mail archives are now hosted on Google’s supermagneticgoliath cluster, so I feel secure there and bask in the joy of native Google searchability as well. All in all, I feel Google is providing a wonderful service here.
[/end verbal fellatio]

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