Gmail for Domains – Small Bug

As I mentioned previously, I have my j(at) address set to forward all mail to my cosmicbuddha(at) address. Spam sent to the first address is not forwarded; I am OK with this. However, I have noticed that messages sent from cosmicbuddha(at) to j(at) are not getting forwarded to cosmicbuddha(at) I do not understand why, because emails sent from cosmicbuddha(at) to cosmicbuddha(at) do appear; emails sent from j(at) to cosmicbuddha(at) do appear; emails sent from third parties to j(at) are forwarded to cosmicbuddha(at)
Is this because I’m fucking with the time-space continuum, or what?
UPDATE: My Account status on the Dashboard (Gmail for Domains control panel) is still updating. Maybe that has something to do with it.
All this forwarding business is tempting me to tempt fate with an infinite loop – to set both addresses in question to forward to each other. Should I do it?
ANOTHER UPDATE: Getting. Hard. To. Resist. What the hell? You only live once, right?
POSSIBLY FINAL UPDATE: Well, that was anticlimactic. I expected both mailboxes to instantly fill and throw the Google superkryptoniteleviathanserver cluster off just a bit, yet the net result of sending a test message to either e-mail address was one received message in each account (exactly as it should be). Props Google, you proactively foiled my plans for infinite loopty-looping.

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