Let’s get nerdical

I have applied for the Gmail beta for domains for cosmicbuddha.com. I hope it comes through. Gmail is the killer web app as far as I’m concerned.
I recently switched hosting providers for this site and chose Dreamhost. The biggest complaint I have about them so far is that their webmail app, Squirrel Mail, is crippled for the sake of stability of all Dreamhost users, and as a consequence, does not support the languages my users need most besides English: Thai and Japanese. This is a deal breaker as far as using our cosmicbuddha.com e-mail goes, because in addition to POP and IMAP accounts, we really need the webmail option. So I set everybody’s cosmicbuddha e-mail accounts to forward to their Gmail accounts (while still maintaining archives on our mail server), and we have been testing this configuration for about a month now.
I’m actually very happy with it – I could go the extra step and set the reply to (or even Send as) field for my Gmail account to j(at)cosmicbuddha.com, but this hasn’t been necessary (and I for some reason think of it as a bit dishonest or misrepresentative).
So a native Gmail account matched to our own domain name is the next logical step in the evolution of this system, and I hope we are accepted for the beta testing.
I just felt like writing about shit no one else is interested in today.

3 thoughts on “Let’s get nerdical

  1. I just got accepted on the beta today. I’ve set it up (took about 5 mins), and it is really cool. This is something I’ve been waiting for a while, as my host only offers the very 1990s NeoMail, Horde and SquirrelMail. This is, for me, the missing link and I’m very, very happy!!

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