This is a huge joke, because 99.9% of Asians do not know how to drink whiskey. I have no doubt that 1,000,000 yen buys you a damn smooth mixer for your glass of ice water, but it’s still an awfully sissy way to drink (although Americans aren’t much better pouring expensive single malts over ice). If it tastes too strong just stick to vodka tonics, you pansies.

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  1. I’ve heard Suntory’s a bad scotch. I’m a bit of a snob vis a vis the single malts – favorites being either Glenmorangie 15 year or the far stronger tasting Laphraoig 15.
    Most don’t know how to drink scotch – you’re right. I introduced my younger brother to a nice 15 year, which he then mixed with coca-cola. Dumbass.

  2. Yes – very much like Laphroaig (or Laphroaig is like Lagavulin). At first the smoky flavor was too strong for my tastes, but after a few drams it grew on me. Now I consider it among my favorites

  3. such snobs you all are. A few years of drinking that stuff and you’ll all be wearing them funny skirts – with no chones. They say real scotch drinkers never wears chones under them kilts. Myself , I’ve been doing the shochu thing – the amber colored wheat one. I imagine most of the better ones don’t make it over here – but, kurouma’s been good.

  4. okay lads and lassies – here’s the low down! in scotland we usually add a spot of water to bring out the flavour but you can use a wee bit of ice as well. just don’t blaspheme with mixers or by using the letter ‘e’ unless it’s an irish or american make. and when we won the kirin cup – I wasn’t wearing anything beneath………

  5. Anything that’s not Irish merits an ‘e.’ If its Irish, drink it down. Otherwise just flush it.

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