Don’t bread on me

I’m starting a war in the office. Let me explain.
Today, I intentionally broke the Tamanegi Convention. This convention simply states that no one shall consume raw onions right before coming to work. The reasons that this convention is necessary are:
A. This island is most famous for its onions
B. They are in season right now, and are delicious when sliced thin and eaten raw
C. They make your breath smell like ass
However, I would like to point out that the framers of this convention never took into account the fact that I would be returning back to a bachelor’s lifestyle this week, coinciding with coming down with a summer cold and consuming huge NyQuil caps last night, which knocked my ass out cold on the sofa and prevented me from going shopping for groceries. Hence this morning’s breakfast of egg, tomato, and onion sandwich served on a stale heel of bread folded in half.
So a message to all of you in the 9:00 meeting: INCOMING!

5 thoughts on “Don’t bread on me

  1. I too am a lover of onions – bachelor or not. And I love garlic as well. I hate those pansy “no garlic for me, i have work tomorrow” types. Just eat and fuck co-workers.
    On another note, Michiko and I are back from the States after attending quite a different “funeral” for my aunt. I too have had a minor summer cold. Thank God for American medicine. One little pill makes even huge guys like me fall asleep like little babes…

  2. OK I think it’s time to hear about the “funeral.” I see you tried to ring me last night: Sorry, I was dead to the world. I DID hear the phone, but I couldn’t be bothered to crawl the six feet to the table it was on.

  3. Justin, I blogged about this great stuff my husband bought recently… it’s linked in my post a few days ago regarding halitosis. You can look there and click the link that says Smile Kiss, or you can Google Smile Kiss… the shit is DA BOMB!!!

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