In a world of white Toyotas…

I have to admit, Mitsuoka makes some real works of art; they stand out from everything else on the street. Take a look at their lineup.
My favorite, of course is the Le-Seyde, which is built on the body of a 180SX (the sister model of my beloved Silvia S-13). I used to see these driving around once a year or so (they were always white), but I haven’t seen one for quite a while.
In some cities in Japan, they use the TX-II or the viewt as actual taxi cabs – and riding around in one is a welcome break from the ubiquitous old Crown cabs.

2 thoughts on “In a world of white Toyotas…

  1. Are you sure it was produced by Nissan? My understanding is that it’s basically a “kit car” – Mitsuoka modifying a Nissan 180SX (in the states, the equivalent is a 240SX with a crappy inline six truck engine instead of a SR-20DEx). So actually, this is not the equivalent of OEM. True OEM would be Nissan manufacturing the finished product for Mitsuoka.

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