Bug eaters, every one of us

Even if some of you care to try eating chocolate covered ants, fried grasshoppers, or more exotic insect delicacies in Thailand, be aware it probably won’t be your first time.
Crushed female cochineal beetles, yum!

5 thoughts on “Bug eaters, every one of us

  1. I googled “cochineal beetles” And saw a few pages. It looks really cool to make a red ink out of it. Is there Coach-in-eel in Japan or in Thailand? I think it ican be a big business chance maybe. Buy them in Texas and sell in Thailand. Or someone has already started this business?

  2. See, this doesn’t surprise me. Jell-O (the red stuff) is colored with it, too. Most vegans won’t eat gelatin (even the Kosher variety, which is carrageenan/agar agar based/Veg) because of the colorings.
    See, a dye derived from the beetle I have no problems with; what I DO have a problem with is actually seeing chunks of the beetles in my juice or food.
    The FDA even has guidelines on “Acceptable Levels” of hair, insect, and rodent droppings in our food stuffs.
    Wanna know what’s grosser than gross? Finding HALF a beetle in something you just consumed.

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