Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

Oxymoron: Escalade Hybrid
I used to see how much work went into hybrid power systems every day – the R&D department used to be located right next to my office, until it got too big a couple years ago and moved into its own facility. And American car makers are just starting to see the light? Timbuk 3 this is not.
GM – Late to the party and wearing floppy clown shoes.

2 thoughts on “Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

  1. I think the Germans thought they were immune because of their love of diesel; guess they thought that came out of a different hole in the ground.
    The Americans aren’t late to the game though, they just licensed the previous gen technology from Toyota. Matters not from the ‘green’ perspective though; the car that uses half as much fuel gets driven twice as much.

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