It’s a new year, and you can fellate if you want to

My official resolution for the new year: I Shall Not Get In Your Way If You Want to Suck
Several people, coworkers and distant net acquaintances alike have contacted me with obviously doomed-for-failure-and-not-even-worth-trying-for-the-sake-of-trying ideas they have for the new year. I feel this is all a natural part of the new years spirit. I also feel guilty for shooting down people so obviously infected with post-holiday infused joy every year, so I’ll shut up in person and simply state here: An idea that is obviously sucky even now will probably not thaw out and bloom in the spring.
And to the WordPress evangelists spamming my blog about the newly-released version 2.0: You are the reason I am not switching from MT anytime soon. (And if this was all a ploy by SixApart: Cheers! You guys are fucking geniuses!)

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