In the red corner, the 600lb. gorilla known as Digital

So much for all the camera snobs saying digital cameras would never catch up to film. Nikon is throwing in the cellulose towel.
The title “Nikon prepares to strengthen digital line-up for 2006” is almost ironic. This is somehow sad news, even though I was the earliest convert to digital I knew. Even before then, my idea of a fun camera was a thirty year old Asahi Pentax. Spending money on developing black and white film in Japan has always sucked major balls. None of the preceding sentences were really linked, and yet this is a paragraph.
Goodbye, film.
Interesting fact: My company owns the term, “dejicame.” Pretty cool.
(via Jim O’Connell on the Japan Photography Mailing List)

3 thoughts on “In the red corner, the 600lb. gorilla known as Digital

  1. Hey Justin. Remember this?
    “The Elephant is a useful animal.”
    That is the start of a good paragraph in a Carden Stylee.

  2. Happy new years, man.
    I have basically spent the last twenty years trying to forget what we were taught there. But you know what? The elephant IS a useful animal. I may have to reconsider the wisdom of Mae Cardon and Mr./Mrs. Harber. And that psycho physical education teacher we had, Herr something-or-other. Were the schools you attended in England just like a continuance of your Carden days?
    I remember this letter you sent me a year or so after you moved. You said you liked riding your new ten-speed to town to rent old movies or something. Ah, well.

  3. Dude, I ended up in a Grammar School. At the time it was rated the best in the country. You have no idea! Carden was a brainwashing-free holiday camp. Still, at least I wasn’t buggered. I got suspended from that school too, though not for pulling my trousers down in front of the Head Teacher.

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