War Wagons

There’s a couple of automobile-related posts worth your time today.
M1114 Humvees are a thing of beauty to U.S. troops in Iraq
A Car and Driver correspondent runs missions with the 3rd Infantry Division in Baghdad, dodging IEDs and illustrating a different aspect of everyday life over there, as well as timing 0-60 and quarter mile runs in fully-armored military Humvees. Bonus: Story about a 105mm suppository. That donkey story has to be an urban myth, what kind of shithead wires his own cellphone to a bomb?
And transportation advice on a different kind of battlefield:
Traveling In Bangkok….By Bus!
I love traveling by bus in foreign countries, and Thailand is no exception. You can ride round and round the city for pennies a day, and it’s been my experience that local respect you for having the nads to ride the bus. One old lady was so impressed the first time T and I rode the bus, she gave us a bag full of deep fried grubs she was selling… We MUNCHED on those things, and POW, even though they were fairly disgusting, we are talking INSTANT MEMORABLE DINING EXPERIENCE IN FARAWAY LAND.

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