Human Nature

One thing that has become apparent with this overseas wedding is simply an old truth – it’s just best to ignore the big mouths. Nam and I have been planning to get married for years; we just never got around to it. Over those long years, I remember each and every person who urged us to have the wedding in Thailand so they could take a vacation there. They promised to attend, of course, like it was no big thing. “For you guys, OF COURSE I’ll be there, you’re family/good friends/important to me…”
Well, invitations were sent long ago and the requested RSVP date was the first of December. Guess the only people who haven’t responded at all? That’s right, the big mouths! The shit talkers, AKA Those Who Cannot Back Up That of Which They Speak. I call all of you out now. Because it’s not the fact that you cannot attend which bothers me – believe me, I know the expense/bother involved with taking time off work, etc., just to attend our Matrimonial Gloryfest Afar. Rather, it is the fact that NONE OF YOU so far has the stones to tell me you can’t go – FYI, an RSVP request can be answered in the negative without losing face, in fact it’s the RIGHT and POLITE thing to do. It’s the fact that you are IGNORING the invitation that rubs me the wrong way…. DO THE RIGHT THING, MOOKIE. Better yet, in the words of the immortal Ice Cube, FUCK ALL Y’ALL.
And now that I got that off my chest, I can write all you shit talkers off and proceed without regret.
God, I love this blogging shit.

3 thoughts on “Human Nature

  1. Not only will I be there, but since I will be taking that foot massage course, you can HIRE me as one of the on-call foot massage people while guests are staying at the hotel 🙂
    BTW, will your monkey army be equipped with wings like the ones in the Wizard of Oz? Not only can they fling dung from the ground, but they can spray all the newly-washed Benz’s around town!

  2. Sorry that you’re experiencing the RSVP blues. This is the bane for any host planning an event since a proper head count is necessary for reserving hotel rooms, banquet facilities, food and beverage, as well as wedding gifts for all guests. I agree, there is usually a flurry of “Yeah, count me in, I will be there!..wouldn’t miss it for the world!” type of reaction. Some are procrastinators; some have circumstances which keep them from a solid “No, thank you”….and many more are just lame….they choose not to Walk their Talk. But your true friends who do RSVP, who do have personal integrity…well, bless them and know how lucky you are! Let’s have a good time!

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