How many things can we rent?

On my very first trip to Thailand, I rented a Jeep, a speedboat, a dirtbike, and a SPAS-12, so it only follows that we must try and do one better this time around.
Well, with a real live elephant who apparently likes to dance to drums reserved and ready to carry my fat ass into holy matrimony, it is time to turn my attention to another area: The big blue. And no, this is not to say I am investing in a ChinkPad.
I am thinking of chartering a 70-foot boat for a day-long fishing/diving cruise: Check it out!
The naked mermaid graphic on that page shows some real class, I tell you. It looks like for the amount of people that will be coming along, the breakdown will be about 3,000 to 4,000 yen per person ($30 – $40). Sound cool?
UPDATE: I’ve been asked to provide more details. I have sent an e-mail to the company requesting a private charter of the Peacock on 2/21 for a full day of fishing/diving for 15 to 20 people. Have not yet received a reply, but will update here and on the AirSet site when I do.

3 thoughts on “How many things can we rent?

  1. absolutely. I’m in. Which day are you thinking about? And where the hell is it? And a karaoke machine too? Shit – I’ll serenade those fucking fish onto my hook. Who needs bait? Need details.

  2. If Kohei decides to karaoke, I think I’ll need smelling salts. Or a gun. Guess I’ll also take along anti-nausea meds…for bad karaoke and seasickness! Looks like a fun excursion (may I shoot pirates?) Jus!

  3. Depending on what day you do this, I think Michiko and I are in. Any type of karaoke machine may ACCIDENTALLY be tossed overboard directly after leaving the harbor due to all the fish and merpeople that we bring aboard. And why bother just renting? I think the elephant would make a nice addition to your new pad.

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