Hey, I just realized that George Takei’s face really reminds me of my uncle Tosh… But in a way I can’t really put my finger on. Maybe it’s the bone structure or something, but I’m telling you, if George put on that “Kimchee Power” t-shirt that my uncle used to wear on our trips to Lake Powell, it just might fool you.
It seems my uncle and Mr. Takei shared similar experiences growing up, as well.
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The Swap

When I visit home I always make it a point to hit the swap meet, if not for actual shopping, then for the cultural appeal. Swap meets and flea markets have always held a special charm for me, in every country I’ve ever visited. I’ve made some of my most prized acquisitions at these venues, as well.
Has anybody else noticed that indoor swap meets usually suck? There’s definitely more allure to an outdoor market, in my mind.
Via monkeyfilter: Photos of an Unknown Family Who PROBABLY Owned a Liquor Store


I poke your eye out!
So this is it. Right about now, the sweet memories of my vacation to Thailand are almost completely pushed out of my day-to-day consciousness, so I decided to post my best photo in an effort to fight off the effects of the grind.
I got to close to this silly bird at an ostrich farm located only 15 minutes from Nam’s house, adjacent to a riverside restaurant where we were invited to lunch. I leaned over a rail while looking through my camera’s viewfinder and got a bit too close, and realized I had entered within striking distance just before I hit the shutter release… I hastily stepped backwards and accidentally took this shot as I raised my arm in self defense.
Of course, the ostrich never actually took a nip at me, he just psyched me out and then did this weird victory dance… I still have to look over the video we took to see if that came out or not, and if it did, I’ll post it later.
There’s nothing like an overgrown bird mocking you with a victory dance.