Pearl Harbor Part 2

Apparently this IS a forbidden subject since I got a dozen e-mails and exactly 0 comments on the post itself. Latitudes and Nichi Nichi linked to the post (thanks guys!) and the comments there were similar to some of the mail I received, and very insightful – they made me realize that I didn’t explain my motive behind posting as well as I could have.
Also, I guess that I didn’t clearly distinguish between a reason behind the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and a justification of it (and to reader Warrin’ G: I dig your handle, but am still unconviced of the government’s intentional role in delaying the receipt of the Japanese Declaration of War, hence “creating” a sneak attack). Let me make this clear: I care much less about the historical reason than I do the current day justification of it.
The Japanese wanted to cripple the Pacific Fleet because it was positioned to attack their interests (including oil supply)? Fine. I can agree with that without researching it much because it makes sense. But to use this argument in the way I heard it, as a justification, is a joke. Here is an approximation of the conversation I had yesterday:
Coworker: “The US is bad for starting wars all over the world.”
Me: “O-tay”
Coworker: “There are many bad men like Saddam Hussein in the world.”
Me: “Yup”
Coworker: “But the US chose to single out Iraq. Iraq cannot defend itself against the US military! Also, preemption is a dishonorable strategy.”
Me: “Who the fuck are you to be talking about honorable strategies? Remember Pearl Harbor?”
Coworker: “No that’s different, the USA forced us to attack by cutting off our oil!”
Me: “MmmHmmmm” (turns away and fires up MT)
It makes me sick to think that this guy actually thinks that there was no alternative to the ultimate “sneaky Jap” move (I use this abhorrent term to make a point – is this not where the term originated?), and like I said, I’ve heard this exact same sentiment from other people as well. I sincerely hope this is not what they are taught in school, and now I’ve garnered enough interest to dig a little deeper… I have a friend that used to run a cram school for junior high school students, so he should be a good starting point.
Then again, even if I find the words, “OUR PROUD NATION WAS A VICTIM OF THE WAR. THE END.” printed in the schoolbooks, what will I have proved? That the Japanese have again changed history and are generally unapologetic about WWII?
Real groundbreaker there, eh?

8 thoughts on “Pearl Harbor Part 2

  1. The J-folks you talked to are the same retards (of any nationality) who espouse a violence-free end to tyranny. Those folks just haven’t thought through the possibility that bad people, sometimes, need to be killed. It’s not nice to say, but it’s true.
    Of course, tell those same idiots you will vote (reluctantly) for Bush – and they are ready to burn down your house. ‘Peace and love’ crowd my hairy white ass.

  2. You should’ve asked him ‘why’ exactly the U.S. cut off their oil.
    What bugs me all the more are the American idiots over here parroting that line as well, what in the hell are they thinking?

  3. The history books in Japan aren’t apologetic, nor are they really unapologetic. They just say what happened. Of course, they spend more time talking about Hiroshima and Nagasaki than Pearl Harbor or Nanjing, but all of these events get a mention. The Japanese government has a real interest in not telling children “your country has a disgraceful history written by murderers.” This is the same approach taken by textbooks anywhere you go, including the U.S.

  4. War sucks. Bush sucks. If you’re a U.S. citizen, please vote this year and I’ll listen to all of y’all complain about the current retard and administration, otherwise, please be still.

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  6. If the US forced them into the Pearl Harbor attack, who forced them in the Rape of Nanking? I guess the Chinese get blamed for that atrocity?

  7. Actually, it’s worse than that – some Japanese deny that the atrocities in Nanking ever happened. This has been making the news lately as the Nanking incident does not appear in some recent history textbooks.

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