Pearl Harbor

I swear to God this came up in conversation again today and I realized I probably never wrote about it here, so:
I’m not sure what the hell kids are being taught in school today, but it seems to me that the average Japanese person in their 20’s or above is of the opinion that the Japanese were forced to attack the US during WWII. Specifically, that the attack on Pearl Harbor was (perhaps) a ratbastardshitty thing to do, but the Americans forced their hand by cutting off the flow of oil.
The first time I heard this was from a close friend at my university, and I remember my jaw literally dropping. And I remember thinking, if that’s what they think now, I can see why they needed nuclear persuasion back then.
Even though it’s not funny in absolute terms, I sometimes wish there was an equivalent weapon to use on the Japanese educational system. Because to hear from a friend that the cowardly sneak attack on Pearl Harbor is somehow, to this day, justified in the minds of the perpetrators (as in, our modern-day allies) is a big slap in the face.
Then again, a popular excuse for Japanese not being able to pronounce English very well is that their “tongues are too short,” so maybe I shouldn’t take anything too seriously.

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