I have been working until 10 every night for some weeks now, but I am not too tired too remember what snapped my mind from a very similar situation two years ago.
My feelings regarding that day and the attack on my country are very important to me. They lie at my very core…

Fire Festival

This fire matsuri in Sumoto was short and to the point. A small hill was burned, then everyone went home. I think we have seen most of the matsuris held in/around Sumoto now.


As you can see, I have devoted what little time I could spare into redesigning this weblog instead of posting… I’m far finished from tweaking, but it’s starting to look a bit more like home. The moblog column on the right has me excited, and now it’s a matter of tying into the service that will enable updates from my cellphone. All credit will be given due when I’ve figured out what exactly I will use from where…

First MT Post

MT is up and running. Unfortunately, I am too busy to post… But don’t worry.
Somebody will be watching the house until I get back.

Adam’s Blog

I set my little bro up with his own blog and now it’s up to him to write, write, write. I hope we will be a family of writers as opposed to linkers.
That said, check out Higo Blog (named after his town’s official flower).