Mr. Roc Minivan

There is a group of cars on Awaji island who all sport the same decals- a couple of these boxy cars, a vintage Nissan, a camaro, and a large van just to name a few.

Modded K-car

Spotted in front of a Lawson’s convenience store. For such a small car, it made a pretty big racket with the turbo hissing. The middle-aged dude driving the car took off with a just-bought beer in hand. You could tell that he was doing what he loved to do.

White Civic

This car doesn’t look too bad, actually. You can tell that this guy spent a lot of money, resulting in a car that isn’t strikingly different from the stock version, though.

Samurai Racing

Personally, if I were promoting a racing team I wouldn’t use the name “Samurai” (the guys just don’t fit the part), and I wouldn’t drive around in a minivan with portraits of a bunch of pretty boys smeared on the windows and panels.
I have to mention something that I have found very ironic. In Asian American Studies classes, the professor always lectures about the feminization of Asians in Hollywood, and I agreed completely with them. It’s complete bullshit that Asians haven’t gotten many roles where they have balls or where women find them attractive.
But over here, as well as other Asian countries from what I have read, the younger generation plucks their eyebrows, dye their hair whimpy colors and get haircuts that should have stayed in the 80’s, wear berets and hair clips, and sometimes even use cosmetics. It’s not subtly effeminate, it’s straight up flamin’.
And no, I don’t think that all men can pull off a pink shirt (or most for that matter). It’s OK to wear, but it should also be fair game for those around to poke fun.
I wonder if the effeminate proto-Asian character appeals to the testosterone-challenged generation over here.