(might as well) JUMP! – redux


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Last year I set up a group on flickr dedicated to my love of jump photography. We currently stand at 116 members, with multiple updates to the photo pool every day (current total 412). This is still a small group by flickr standards, but I’m very happy with how it’s turned out. Some very good photographers have joined, and everyone seems to be having a good time.

Come join us if you are interested in jump photography!

Anonymous Notifier

Let your co-workers know about their annoying habits: AnnoyingCoworker
Yeah, I know what you’re gonna say, “why not just shit in their drawer/key their car/exploit their drug habit,” but as an added bonus, perhaps you could donate their work e-mail address to a dedicated spam concern!
I will only remain an annoying coworker until the end of next week. After that I aspire to be an Annoying Operator of the world’s first water buffalo power plant (sorry, it sounds better in Japanese, “??????”).

Just a quick note

I usually don’t post on this date, because it means enough to me to want to post on 9/11 related topics. The thing is, my voice is one of many who feel the same way – sadness, anger, regret, patriotism, etc. – and I feel many others express that a whole lot better than I could.
However. Somebody is pissing me off, and today is the day to let it all go.
To the wannabe domain squatter who is trying to sell me the cosmicbuddha.net domain:
Spamming me ten times over the course of two weeks for any reason is lame enough, but asking if I want to buy the cosmicbuddha.net domain is the equivalent of pulling up next to my Lamborghini Murcielago on a donkey and asking if I want to race for pink slips – GET A CLUE, ASSHOLE! (dot com reprazent!)
That is all.

Top Flickr Cameras

This is interesting:
The top camera makes and models used to take photos uploaded to Flickr

“The lists are generated automatically by periodically sampling the EXIF data from the stream of recent uploads.”

I had no idea my camera, the D50, was so popular. Of course, I feel it’s still the best DSLR for the money (I bought mine over a year ago), so it’s unsurprising other people feel the same. Shit, if I wasn’t completely happy with it, I’d switch to a different model just to not have the most popular one…
Now that I’ve invested in Nikon glass, if I were ever to lose or break my current camera body, I wouldn’t hesitate in buying another D50 – it’s currently listed for around 54,000 yen on kakaku (link to current price). That’s cheap, and it will probably get cheaper, especially after the new D80 comes out.

Street Legal, Jet-powered Beetle


“The engine is a General Electric Model T58-8F. This is a helicopter turboshaft engine that was converted to a jet engine by some internal modifications and a custom tailpipe. The engine spins up to 26,000 RPM (idle is 13,000 RPM), draws air at 11,000 CFM, and is rated at 1350 hp. It weighs only 300 lbm. It grows as it warms up so the engine mounts have to account for this. The mounts in the front are rubber and the back are sliding mounts on rubber. The structure holding the engine was designed using finite element analysis and is redundant. Strong, damage tolerant, and light. Second battery and fuse/relay panel on the right, halon fire system and 5 gallon dry sump tank on left. 24V starter motor is in the nose of the engine. 700 A of current goes into that motor for 20 seconds during start-up. Due to heat, must limit starts to three in one hour. Big screen is to avoid FOD (foreign object damage). Jet keeps sucking the rose out of the bud vase on the dash!”