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I usually don’t post on this date, because it means enough to me to want to post on 9/11 related topics. The thing is, my voice is one of many who feel the same way – sadness, anger, regret, patriotism, etc. – and I feel many others express that a whole lot better than I could.
However. Somebody is pissing me off, and today is the day to let it all go.
To the wannabe domain squatter who is trying to sell me the cosmicbuddha.net domain:
Spamming me ten times over the course of two weeks for any reason is lame enough, but asking if I want to buy the cosmicbuddha.net domain is the equivalent of pulling up next to my Lamborghini Murcielago on a donkey and asking if I want to race for pink slips – GET A CLUE, ASSHOLE! (dot com reprazent!)
That is all.

3 thoughts on “Just a quick note

  1. Argh. Don’t remind me. I’m stuck with myfamilyname.NET because some asshole Korean cybersquatter has been sitting on the .com version of the domain, not using it at all, and wants me to pay thousands of dollars for it. I won’t, ever, but it really pisses me off. My family name is rare, is not a good business name nor can be used for any other common purpose, so it sits there wasting because of some sleazy, greedy slime bucket. There should be laws that cover this.

  2. 800 dolar (sic), “but if that’s too much we can work something out.”
    Fuck, I certainly hope so! That’s almost as much as some other fucker keeps offering me for the .com! Then again, maybe it’s the same fucking idiot doing both to save himself money!

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