Spontaneous glass breakage

Well, I’d heard of it before (wpedia link), but never seen it. Didn’t see it happen this time, either, but Nam said this glass pot lid (which was thankfully placed inverted on the pot for storage under the sink – this kept glass from flying around) suddenly exploded when I was in the shower half an hour ago.
The most common theories are installation damage (N/A here), thermal expansion or manufacturing impurities. However, another theory states that it might be caused by an “ultrasonic sound wave at a harmonic of the glass’ resonant frequency.”

2 thoughts on “Spontaneous glass breakage

  1. I’d say probably thermal expansion. When I was younger I worked in a testing lab. We had lots of glassware (beakers) that would break spontaneously if they were hot and the concrete counter was cold (or vice versa).

  2. scary, that.
    Wait until Max gets his next package from G’pa.
    What are you doing with his growing collection of “stuff?”

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