DJ Enferno – Higher

Top notch performance by classically trained pianist and DJ extraordinaire, Enferno. He has a launchpad to launch his launchpad on the launchpad, if you know what I mean. At my peak, which was very short (and approximately 600 years ago), the best I could do was two Discmans, a dual tape deck, and two PS1s. This guy is so fucking awesome.

If you liked his song and have a love for Hova like I do, you also need to see this one: F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit


Fixing my trusty ASUS laptop


…and installing an SSD at the same time. This particular laptop has served me for seven years already and I would normally not bother, but SSDs are cheap and it will make a good Minecraft rig for the kids. I already installed Linux and Windows 10. God bless KMS Pico.

The problem, as it turned out, was a small piece of ABS from a case peg that had broken off and settled inside the cooling fan. Made the whole rig sound like it was going to explode.

720, 960, 2048 pixels wide

These are the optimal sizes for photos you upload to Facebook. I had no idea. I knew that FB automatically resizes and formats your photos, but did not know these were the magic numbers. Also:

  • Resize your photo to one of the following supported sizes:
    Regular photos: 720px, 960px, 2048px (width)
    Cover photos: 851px by 315px
  • If you use a 2048px photo, select the High Quality option when you upload
    To avoid compression when you upload your cover photo (emphasis mine), make sure the file size is less than 100KB
  • Save your image as a JPEG with an sRGB color profile

I copied the entire contents here, but the FB help link is at:

Mina’s Minecraft Box Part 3




Most of the painting is done. It needs some detail work where sanding was difficult and where the damn cat walked over it while it was drying… Next, decals and stencil work when Nam gets back. Zombie Pigman lives!

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Fujitsu All-in-one Minecraft Box


Mina’s birthday is next week, so I’m tearing down an old PC I picked up yesterday to piece together her first VERY OWN computer. All the other kids get IPads, but my kids have to tinker with a rat box and learn command line first.

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RMU Welcome Screen


This is a huge Windows-driven LCD with which I gauge my arrival to the university every morning. It’s usually not on when I roll by the first time since I have a lot of early morning classes, but on free days I sometimes  see diagnostic screens, Windows startup, and the plethora of error dialogs that the operator has to click through before getting to the day’s scheduled programming. Sometimes I dream of hijacking it for giggles.

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Solution for “Permanent ThinkLight Icon” Problem

ThinkLight Icon

Keywords: ThinkPad 420 420t 420r Windows 10 Win 10 ThinkLight OSD icon won’t go away won’t disappear on screen display hotkey permanent fucking annoying


On my recent trip home, I bought another laptop since I use one for work every day and it’s been six years since I bought my ASUS workhorse. The following is a direct copy of the post I left on the Lenovo message boards since huge corporations disappear pretty regularly (or at least change their websites), but my blog DOES NOT.


Anyways, my Thinkpad is a refurbished T420 I powered up with an SSD and 8 gigs of ram, recently updated to Windows 10. After the update is when this problem appeared. The Thinklight icon would appear after waking from sleep and could sometimes be coaxed to disappear either by switching the light on and off, or by using the Volume buttons. The problem is, it only worked a fraction of the time and otherwise required a restart. It was so annoying, I almost went back to Win 7. The permanent solution for me was to install the following:

Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit) – ThinkPad

(Plain text link for above: )

Hope this helps somebody else!


I have a copy of this file on said ThinkPad, so if sometime in the future you cannot find this file elsewhere (because of aforementioned corporate website changes or whatever), hit me up. Hope this ThinkPad is still running then!

AVG will sell your browsing and search history to advertisers

On my trip back to the states, a few people asked me why I don’t use AVG Free antivirus software. Well, aside from the reasons I stated then (pop-ups, bugs, general clunkiness), AVG has changed their privacy policy and expressed their intent to sell the browsing and search history of their users to advertisers. Tsk, tsk. Of course, if you are reading this on Facebook (my blog auto-publishes to my FB wall), similar data of yours has been sold already.

The truth is, free antivirus programs are not free at all, and most are complete shit.

My choice of antivirus software? I do not always recommend my personal choice because it’s a bit esoteric, but it’s 360 Total Security with the optional Bitdefender and Avira AntiVir engines enabled.