Homeland Arrival, Imminent

The Old Reader

I guess it takes a long, long time to import RSS feeds.

Yahoo JP’s feeble attempt at getting fugee traffic from Google Reader is laughable with a 300 feed limit — webnerds eat 300 feeds for a light snack, you fools!!

The Old Reader, please be good to me.



UPDATE: I signed up for updates regarding an upcoming alternative I hadn’t heard about until recently, Hivemined.

I also feel like I got scammed by NewsBlur, which claimed to offer free accounts and then  took me to a page that said: Due to overwhelming demand, free accounts are temporarily suspended. By going premium you get full access to NewsBlur.

Oh, and it also filled out part of a credit card payment form for me, from the “free account” info I provided:


Dicktards. I’ll try and cancel that account as soon as possible, but don’t expect much from liars like these.

UPDATE 2: By visiting the root address, I was able to get as far as importing my OPML file, which allowed me to update 64 feeds (!!) after clicking through a full-page nag screen with another credit card payment opportunity… This guy wants money and not much else, it seems (somebody has to feed his dog you greedy fuckers). There’s nothing wrong with that in itself, but he should at least be up front about it and not pull this bullshit temporary suspending of free accounts. I was able to cancel my account, at least, which the site says is “permanent,” but considering his definition of “free,” I won’t hold my breath.

Highway to Kosum

This photo was taken when I was cruising down the highway in the old Crown to meet Max, Mina, and Nam, who were at a friend’s second house out in the countryside.

Can you see the wing mirror?
Can you see the wing mirror?

Sometimes the sky here is really awesome. I watched a thunderstorm last week off in the direction of Roi-et that had the most regular lightning I’ve ever seen.

I need this part

This post is a simple plea to the monkey in the sky to help me find a working turn signal assembly for my 1971 Toyota Crown. The molded plastic latch lasted many decades before succumbing to normal wear and tear. Looking at modern cars, I’m pretty sure none of them will last quite as long.

Juju booster +10!

2013-03-05 12.33.52

2013-03-05 12.33.59

I really don’t want to try replacing the whole steering column.