Jack Bauer on the Farmington Galactica

WARNING: 24 spoiler alert
I must say, season 8 is kicking off a lot better than last season. I don’t know why I hated season 7 so much, but I have absolutely no desire to see it again so I can remember why. I liked seeing David Aceveda and Kara Thrace on TV again, but I feel their new characters are empty and shallow (and, oh yeah, already dead).
Chloe and Kim totally ganged up on poor Jack and now he’s on the path to dodge 10,000 hollowpoints and kick terrorist bootie yet again… Here’s to a kickass season and hoping that President David Palmer comes back from the dead to run the country better than the sissy cowards that succeeded him.

SsangYong Rodius aka SsangYong Stavic

A few months ago, I saw the ugliest car ever made, in person. I was buying stuff at the fresh market in downtown Sarakham, and there was a white model parked close by. I read the logo, Ssangyong, and wondered what ugly planet it had been beamed down from. I even waited an extra few minutes just to see what kind of blind person had been conned into buying something so obviously atrocious. No luck, though.

Let my Coco go

Conan must emigrate to Comedy Central.
He has enough money already, now it’s all about the power.
That is all.

RMU English Skills Competition

This is what I’ve been working on the past couple of weeks in between teaching. It culminated in the actual competition yesterday, which went well except for the poor planning and execution of a couple events/aspects. The guilty parties won’t even admit there were problems, which is part of the problem, of course. At least, that’s the feedback from some of the school administrators who attended. Both from what I saw and the feedback survey, everyone else did really well; props all around.
Our next event is the annual International Day. Preparation begins next week.