5 thoughts on “More Nam and Mina

  1. Wow, Nam looks beautiful as always, and it looks like Mina has mastered the art of napping with a sunhat on. It’s cool you’re having her wear a hat outside!
    Thanks for posting more pics!
    How’s Max adjusting to the new sister/not-the-only-child thing?

  2. I’m sorry, that’s another post or two… I keep meaning to write a big meaningful post about these things but I barely have time to scratch my butt these days – and my butt needs some serious scratching!

  3. Justin, that is a fine picture of “the girls.” Thanks for posting.
    Mina looks like a cute little lumpkin. At least she’s quiet when she’s sleeping, right?
    Nam looks amazing for just one month of being un-pregnant.
    Now, where in the world is almost-2 year old Max???
    How was his first full day at preschool?

  4. She looks floppy! I definitely approve of her outfit though…Wish I could be there to hear her screech. Mom says it’s pretty intense…

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