SsangYong Rodius aka SsangYong Stavic

A few months ago, I saw the ugliest car ever made, in person. I was buying stuff at the fresh market in downtown Sarakham, and there was a white model parked close by. I read the logo, Ssangyong, and wondered what ugly planet it had been beamed down from. I even waited an extra few minutes just to see what kind of blind person had been conned into buying something so obviously atrocious. No luck, though.

9 thoughts on “SsangYong Rodius aka SsangYong Stavic

  1. doodie – the Pontiac Aztek. It is still hard for me to believe they made this car – and astonished that there were actually a few folks that bought the damn thing. It only goes to show ya – some folks just like ‘UGLY’ – just like some folks thrive on unimaginable shit.

  2. Not the most stylish of automobiles, but at least the designer made the cut. I give ’em props for that. BUT! I would also love to see what car designs this one beat to make it to production.

  3. It is one of the cars were you get a lot for your money, and i have one. It is strong, BIG and can even drive around the conuntry in mud and all that things. And it have a huge engine with 165 hk. That is dam gut for a car there cost less than a cheapest ford transit.

    1. I have no experience with this car, so I can’t comment on cost performance. I’m happy there are positives points about the car, but surely even a fan can admit that it’s ugly, right?

  4. Respeto comentarios.
    Pero si en verdad no es una camioneta muy bella por fuera, Si lo es en confort, agilidad, y fuerza, además ir de paseo con TODOS, sin que alguien se quede, es realmente MARAVILLOSO!!

  5. Respeto a quien no le gusta esta ESPECTCULAR camionets, es fantástica vivirla día a día. Su potencia economía agilidad versatilidad confort cambian la forma de pensar. Comprele fines 20″, agreguele estribos y defensa…
    Queda ÚNICA!!!
    dejen la envidia!!!

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