Nintendo Hip-hop

Lend Zelda an ear, yo:
Remix Medley

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UPDATE: Track list here, mp3 downloaded here, artist’s myspace page here.

leaps and bounds

Max is developing at such a fast pace, it’s hard to keep track of. I’m just jotting a few notes down here.

  • He knows the word “clock” in Thai. If you say it, he looks up at the clock.
  • Not only does he like playing with all the remotes in the house, he has started to understand that they control something. He was playing with the TV remote this evening and looking up at the TV every time he pressed a button to see what had changed (nothing, since he was pointing it at himself, but still…)
  • He can almost stand up without hanging onto anything.
  • He can trick us into putting a finger into his mouth (to munch on) even though we’ve fallen for it tons of times already. He has this awesome sleight of hand plus angelic face technique that’s impossible to resist.
  • A couple weeks ago, a ladyboy tried to kiss him and he defended himself with a mighty backhand. I laughed out loud and rescued him.

Summer Thundershowers Over Upper Thailand


The intense high pressure system from China remains over upper Thailand. This causes summer thunderstorm i.e. thundershowers with gust over the country during 14-15 March, 2009. People should beware of severe weather in the period. Wind and wave in the Gulf is strength.

(I really dig whoever updates that website; their English reads like poetry, or bad subtitles, which I love equally.)
China has finally given me something nice, in the form of an intense high pressure system. It rained most of last night quite hard and the temperature this morning is 19.5 degrees C (67 degrees F) as opposed to yesterday at the same time when it was around 35 C (95 F). It is cool and its nice to have a break from the dulling torpidity of the hot season here in Thailand. The baby is sleeping peacefully without a fan or the AC on, which is a blessing in itself.

3/13 link roundup

Monkey gets revenge on owner who forced him to climb trees for coconuts…
The punchline is in the second half of the title, which is why I cut it off.
This comic strip, apparently known as the End of Calvin, made me really sad:
(click for full size)
This guy compiled all of the “grown up” Calvin & Hobbes strips he could find on the net: LINK
Don’t forget to look through the comments there, either, because that’s where I found the antidote for the above strip:
(click for full size)
39 Future Magazine Covers

The best toilet design, ever

(made by the genius can coffee otaku squad at Georgia)