Summer Thundershowers Over Upper Thailand


The intense high pressure system from China remains over upper Thailand. This causes summer thunderstorm i.e. thundershowers with gust over the country during 14-15 March, 2009. People should beware of severe weather in the period. Wind and wave in the Gulf is strength.

(I really dig whoever updates that website; their English reads like poetry, or bad subtitles, which I love equally.)
China has finally given me something nice, in the form of an intense high pressure system. It rained most of last night quite hard and the temperature this morning is 19.5 degrees C (67 degrees F) as opposed to yesterday at the same time when it was around 35 C (95 F). It is cool and its nice to have a break from the dulling torpidity of the hot season here in Thailand. The baby is sleeping peacefully without a fan or the AC on, which is a blessing in itself.

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