leaps and bounds

Max is developing at such a fast pace, it’s hard to keep track of. I’m just jotting a few notes down here.

  • He knows the word “clock” in Thai. If you say it, he looks up at the clock.
  • Not only does he like playing with all the remotes in the house, he has started to understand that they control something. He was playing with the TV remote this evening and looking up at the TV every time he pressed a button to see what had changed (nothing, since he was pointing it at himself, but still…)
  • He can almost stand up without hanging onto anything.
  • He can trick us into putting a finger into his mouth (to munch on) even though we’ve fallen for it tons of times already. He has this awesome sleight of hand plus angelic face technique that’s impossible to resist.
  • A couple weeks ago, a ladyboy tried to kiss him and he defended himself with a mighty backhand. I laughed out loud and rescued him.

1 thought on “leaps and bounds

  1. The Max info was cool, but I am more interested in hearing about the ladyboy. I wouldn’t have thought that they would be out in the boonies. I got a haircut once in Thailand by a ladyboy. S/he was interesting, but not a very good stylist.

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