katsu kare night

I totally made a huge pot of Japanese curry and deep fried some fresh tonkatsu as well. The occasion? Today is the midpoint between Nam’s birthday (Nov. 9) and her little sister Noon’s (Nov. 6), so we celebrated them together as they have done since they were little. The food was so good, none of the nine people at the table spoke much until the meal was done. I was very proud of stuffing everyone full of so much garlic and curry goodness, and forgot to take photos.
For some reason, I never actually made tonkatsu myself before tonight, but it was easy and turned out very well.

What took so damn long?

Maven says this site’s been blocked by Websense.
…and yet, the wheels on the bus continue to go ’round and ’round.
Restricting free speech is un-American, yo.
But what can you expect from money-grubbing corporate whores?
Uh oh, now I’m probably blacklisted forever.



In most of the world, there is no OSHA

I saw this shot when arriving to my building at school this morning. I passed by first, then turned around my car, got my camera out, then turned around again to make a second pass. It was much too far to get a clean shot drive-by style out the passenger-side window, but channel mixing in Photoshop is the impatient photographer’s lopsided wooden crutch – left in the attic until needed, and then suddenly irreplaceable.

eat my peta

There is something very ironic about somebody commenting on our wedding photos and claiming that the elephants we hired were stolen from the forest and very badly trained, yet not actually knowing anything about the situation… Girls, I paid for those elephants to be trucked out from Surin specifically so they wouldn’t have to walk on the hot asphalt… They were pedigreed, well-mannered, and very well-trained. And at the end of the day:
Hug a tree – somewhere else!


No, I haven’t foregone my blogroll experiment… just haven’t gotten around to updating the page design yet; it will be done soon. Don’t worry, we still love you!

Impending guerilla blogging

I’m back, I’m busy, and I have many things to post here…
I saw the remnants of a government chopper shot down by commies and possibly also the Ma Deuce used to do so. Don’t mess with the fifty cal, yo.
To be continued, soon.