katsu kare night

I totally made a huge pot of Japanese curry and deep fried some fresh tonkatsu as well. The occasion? Today is the midpoint between Nam’s birthday (Nov. 9) and her little sister Noon’s (Nov. 6), so we celebrated them together as they have done since they were little. The food was so good, none of the nine people at the table spoke much until the meal was done. I was very proud of stuffing everyone full of so much garlic and curry goodness, and forgot to take photos.
For some reason, I never actually made tonkatsu myself before tonight, but it was easy and turned out very well.

4 thoughts on “katsu kare night

  1. Dude, you’re making me hungry. By the way Nam and Noon, if you are reading this comment HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    I’m glad to know that my little niece/nephew is eating well…

  2. Your curry pot will runneth over after you get the stash that Michiko and I are taking. I hope you are going to prepare us some of that goodness!

  3. November is Birthday month.
    Noon and Pam’s mom = 06NOV
    me = 08NOV
    Nam = 09NOV
    Pam = 10NOV
    anybody for 07NOV….O7NOV going once….twice…..
    so lay it on me dude, did you make your own roux?

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