eat my peta

There is something very ironic about somebody commenting on our wedding photos and claiming that the elephants we hired were stolen from the forest and very badly trained, yet not actually knowing anything about the situation… Girls, I paid for those elephants to be trucked out from Surin specifically so they wouldn’t have to walk on the hot asphalt… They were pedigreed, well-mannered, and very well-trained. And at the end of the day:
Hug a tree – somewhere else!

7 thoughts on “eat my peta

  1. That has to be the happiest looking wedding elephant shot I’ve seen! He looks like little Dumbo, all smiling and ready to be of good service. Still, I must admit that as I actually talked to the elephants, they were tired by the time I was ready for a ride (late afternoon) and I decided to let them shower me with snotty water instead. Did you ever say “Thanks, Mom!” for the wonderful elephant water blessing, or crawling under the saggy belly of the elephant blessing??? I can’t even remember what that was about. Do you know?

  2. You’re disgusting. Even if what you say is true you need to look into how elephants are treated when used for things like this–they are incredibly intelligent and shouldn’t be used to entertain ignorant and pompous windbags like you. kthanxbai

  3. > …incredibly intelligent and shouldn’t be used to entertain…
    Next time, perhaps I can just hire you and a leaf-eating friend instead?

  4. Next time perhaps you can bother educating yourself about the things you as a consumer are supporting. And yes, hire some humans instead, therefore supporting the local economy and not forcing sentinent beings into performing for your amusement.

  5. uh, yah,” sentinent beings” or sentient being or human beings or string beans, whatever. Elephant girl wants to be hired so as to support her local economy and performing for your amusement? Just say no!

  6. Remember, the motto of people like Haley is ‘save the trees, not the people’. Look, whatever your opinions about this sort of thing are, go get your own fucking blog.

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