Delta Blues

Just wanted to point out an outstanding site dedicated to the blues: Junior’s Juke Joint
The design is simple, and I suspect that’s the way Junior likes it. Don’t let the looks deceive you – it’s filled with great stories and links. If you dig hard enough you’ll happen upon some real gems, like the ones below:
Eric Clapton: Me & Mr Johnson
Nellie Jackson’s Whorehouse
That third link is pretty much a must-read.
Blues fans might be surprised to hear that I’ve met way more Robert Johnson fans in Japan than I ever did in the states.

Today's Question

Why is it even news that Toyota is expected to overtake General Motors as the world’s top automaker?
I don’t think anybody can dispute that Toyota makes better cars, or that they are the healthier company.
The market wins out, right? Besides, GM has been shooting itself in the foot so persistently for so long, they might as well switch over to shoemaking.