Dead to Rights Game Review

Even though I haven’t posted forever, I feel the burning need to warn fellow FPS enthusiasts about the PC game, Dead to Rights. I am very glad I “test drove” the “free” version (thank you, BitTorrent!) of this dreck before buying it. This is an X-Box title ported to PC, and it apparent in its blockiness, difficulty of use, and bloated code. The cracked version is 4 CDs in size! (The fourth CD contains only the crack.) Dude! This game is GAY! Better yet, this game is FAG! To summarize, Dead to Rights is GAYFAG (half of a star out of five, almost as bad as Cool Darts). On one of the earlier levels, you suddenly switch from the role of the main character, a dual .45 packin’ cop with attack dog, into an exotic dancer. I shit you not. You have to tap arrow keys to the rhythm indicated on screen to make the dancer on stage shake her ass in order to create a distraction and allow your main character to sneak by the bouncers in the club. GAY FAG! I can’t even begin to express how gay this gender-switching role made me feel. I am secure in my homophobia, let me tell you. By the end of the scene, I was looking for exotic dancers in the room just so I could shoot them and work off some steam while making that icky feeling go away.
So have I made myself clear? Only homos play this game. (I finished it in one night.)
Also, a general observation regarding this whole genre of games:
Mandatory “auto-aim” sucks! I understand it as an option for the console game crowd, but people who play FPS on the PC platform are more sophisticated than that (or at least most of us like to think so). I mean really, why the hell have a scoped rifle in the game if you can’t even use the scope and aim it by yourself?
/end nerdrant

Keyring Tool

New multipurpose tool on top of new coffeemaker (retro Bondi Blue skeleton design – so 90’s).

Better than it looks…

There’s nothing like coming home to a pot of day-old curry. The house reeks with pungent goodness and the first mouyhful warms the soul.


I don’t like using third party mouse drivers/software so I usually buy Microsoft mouses although the red one in the middle is a Logitech that has served me well with my Fujitsu laptop. It wasn’t the greatest for playing CS when I started out but either was the 8MB Rage Mobility video card on the laptop…

Chew On This!

Lotte’s “dental” chewing gum – supposedly helps keep teeth white. I nominate it for Official Chewing Gum of Aryanfest 2004.


I have no idea why the stalls crammed into overflowing buildings of Namdaemun were so enthralling. It may have been the sheer volume of stuff literally stacked to the ceilings… Or the fact that most of the stores fell into one of the following categories:
– Medicinal/Pharmaceutical
– Leather belts, wallets, and stainless steel kitchenware
– Fake zippos, stunguns, and sunglasses
There were hundreds of stalls on multiple floors of this building… Simply wonderful just to wander around.

One reason why digital cameras suck

I wanted to take photos this weekend but I somehow managed to lose BOTH chargers for the rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. I invested in a second unit since I thought it would be nice to always have one in the car for trips. How I lost both of them is a complete mystery and makes me want to buy a whole new camera.
Gadgets can be clever and evil, and conspire to either sate you only temporarily or completely consume you; toys beget toys.

King of Konbeni

Lawson is the foundation upon which modern lifestyles are built in Japan.

I have never confirmed the oft-heard rumor regarding the Lawson closest to my university, Morimedo Lawson – that it was the busiest branch in Japan. Well, on the 26th of every month I wouldn’t dispute it…