One reason why digital cameras suck

I wanted to take photos this weekend but I somehow managed to lose BOTH chargers for the rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. I invested in a second unit since I thought it would be nice to always have one in the car for trips. How I lost both of them is a complete mystery and makes me want to buy a whole new camera.
Gadgets can be clever and evil, and conspire to either sate you only temporarily or completely consume you; toys beget toys.

1 thought on “One reason why digital cameras suck

  1. Hey, is it possible that you’ve developed an obsession with expensive digital cameras, wee cell phones and the like? How much does that stuff cost instead of, oh, let’s say, a roundtrip ticket from here to there? Not that I’m hinting at Mother’s Day, which is coming up!…. 🙂

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