I have no idea why the stalls crammed into overflowing buildings of Namdaemun were so enthralling. It may have been the sheer volume of stuff literally stacked to the ceilings… Or the fact that most of the stores fell into one of the following categories:
– Medicinal/Pharmaceutical
– Leather belts, wallets, and stainless steel kitchenware
– Fake zippos, stunguns, and sunglasses
There were hundreds of stalls on multiple floors of this building… Simply wonderful just to wander around.

2 thoughts on “Overstocked

  1. oh. did i make it sound like that? i must have been sleepblogging. i’m not going anytime soon. this pic, which looks totally crappy now that i’m not editing it on Baby in a bar at 3 in the morning, was taken in january.
    yo i’m thinking of hanami plans. you be around?

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