Climate Change in Thailand

The Nation published a cool infographic about what climate change means for Thailand. Having lived here for over a decade, I have noticed huge changes in the seasons and climate. When I came, the first few years contained long drought periods (one year in particular it didn’t rain for almost five months), and the long-term trend since then has been one of persistent flooding instead of drought.


2 thoughts on “Climate Change in Thailand

  1. So on a practical level, which is better for you and your family: floods or drought? I can see how both might be miserable situations, but could one be better than the other? Can water, for example, be collected and purified during flood season? (Is water-collection by private homeowners even legal in Thailand? I know there are some stupid states in the western US that don’t allow water-collection. I guess those lawmakers think drought is better.)

    1. Floods FTW. Flood weather is cooler, at least. And although it floods in front of our house, it’s not a big deal for very long.

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