Day of Grub

It all started out with French toast and banana milkshakes for breakfast, and continued into lunch at our friend’s nearby restaurant where the kids had noodles and fried rice, and we had various curries and braised meats.

We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with walnuts in the late afternoon, then I went to my Turkish pal’s house to get continued instruction on various salads, sauces, and kebab. I took a big bag of food home and the kids chowed down. Tomorrow is school for them, so the sad silence before bed has begun.


Bonus Kebab Assembly Vids:

6 thoughts on “Day of Grub

    1. I always thought that was a linguistic difference rather than a culinary one. My friend says they were invented in Turkey and are therefore kebabs. Not sure, though. There are, of course, differing theories. If you have time to food nerd out a bit, try googling “Hadji Iskender.”

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