Fever baby

In the middle of a crazy day, things just keep coming.

Mina came down with a pretty high fever on a day that includes me getting up early to teach (and thus skipping my MA classes), a dance recital for both kids in the afternoon, Nam and Max flying to Bangkok in the evening and staying the night, etc., etc., etc.
She is intermittently waking up with feverish dreams and asking if she is still on earth or in space, and other trippy shit like that… I wanted to tell her to embrace it, but she just feels icky and now, mommy has to leave, too. Woe is us.

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2 thoughts on “Fever baby

  1. Ironic that even though Mina is feeling icky icky, has no appetite (!) and a high fever, that she looks like a proverbial angelic cherub!
    I’m happy you were smart enough to change martial arts teachers before the dumbo one could allow harm to happen to both children! It’s also great to hear that both you and Nam are taking part in Muay Thai classes for exercise. I can’t imagine being outside in the sun doing more than fanning myself without fainting in that heat!
    Be well and thanks for taking time to post pics and writing updates……as soon as Line began to bing, bing, bing, on our phones, I went to your site to check things out!

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