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  1. Taught students to make chanko nabe (sumo food) during a special choking class last Saturday…

    What in the world is a “choking class”? What are you teaching these poor, innocent kids? Rear-naked chokes? Do sumo wrestlers do those? Are your students learning how to eat while not breathing? Inquiring minds want to know.

      • The dish looks amazing. I see at least two or three different kinds of mushroom in there… what’s the protein? Fish? Is that pinkish, meat-like thing I see in the lower-right quadrant salmon, perhaps? What other veggies are in there? What’s the base for the broth? (I guess I’m basically asking you to walk me through your cooking class. Sorry.)

        • No prob. It’s a salty chicken bone/konbu broth with chicken, salmon, ground pork balls, shimeji and enoki mushrooms, chinese cabbage, carrots, tofu, and konyaku (konjac) noodles as well as udon noodles. Usually I would also add shitake mushrooms and big green onions as well as another leafy veggie, but they were out. It’s a high-calorie but very healthy soup that sumo wrestlers eat a cubic shit ton of to put on the pounds, and there are many variations of it. The seasoning I used in this one was very simple – salt, ground ginger, and sesame seeds. It kicked much ass.


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