Mina monster devouring baby somtam

She made it with mommy a couple months ago, and proceeded to eat it all.


She has since graduated to eating full-blown Lao-style somtam that can make grown men cry.

6 thoughts on “Mina monster devouring baby somtam

  1. As a concerned father, you’ll eventually be wanting to find some method for determining which guys are worthy of dating your daughter. Could Lao-style somtam be the test of truth?

  2. Yes, I think she’d be bored with food over here. I still remember how “meh” some
    people were with the Mexican food I made because it was so bland compared to Thai food!

  3. I gather, from this exchange, that Thai food is very spicy. I’ve seen “spicy” options on the menus of Thai restaurants in America, but I suspect the food has been largely “dumbed down” for American tastes.

  4. While in Paris, I was absolutely head over heels in love with this “Indochine” place to eat. It had the food of all the cuisine of the countries I I enjoy: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and VIetnam. I had this lotus root porridgey type soup with fish and pork belly that was so congee like, and I had an “Al Green with the grits” kind of moment after the first bite, as it burned its way down my gullet. Need your recipe for som tam!!

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