Mina’s first catch

2013-04-16 21.47.59mina-pla-tong

The other day, I dug up a single earthworm from our sun-dried garden and tied a simple bobber rig onto a spinning rod to give Max and Mina a chance to catch something in the pond across our street. Max got a couple nibbles and then got half the worm stolen, so it was time to re-bait and let Mina have a chance. she hooked up in less than a minute and brought in another bronze featherback, slightly smaller than the one we had before.

Max and Mina wanted to keep him in their tank, since the last fish besides an algae eater we had, a freshwater angelfish bought at a local night market, died after lasting a good few months. As before, the featherback got into it with Mr. Pleco, and proceeded to get his ass kicked around the tank until I got fed up and threw him back into the pond. Nobody missed him. Some fish are just disagreeable.

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