A couple of Pinoy exchange students came over to the house last month to make some food, and we had a party with their classmates and some teachers. In order to avoid posting any incriminating evidence, I will limit myself to a single photograph here:

Making the fabled dish called Dynamite. Some of these peppers are just a little spicy, but about 1 in 5 are head-exploders. The peppers are stuffed, then rolled in a long egg roll skin and deep fried.

One of these kids was about half my age and played really classic songs on the guitar – it’s unnerving to hear songs from when I was a child played by someone younger than the original artists’ kids (or maybe even grandkids!) – Woodie Guthrie, Kansas, Bread, etc., etc., I want an 8-track player for my Crown now.

Also, the food was really good.

Thanks, Bryllie and Job! Maybe I’ll make it around to the University of Luzon some time..

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