Sacred Society of Osakan Webmasters FAQ

Q: What can you tell me about the Sacred Society of Osakan Webmasters?
A: It’s a secretive and prestigious society that’s very difficult to join.

Q: Can I join?
A: If you are a current or former resident of Osaka and a webmaster, and you can afford the membership fees, yes.

Q: What are the benefits of being a SSOW member?
A: You won’t know all the little joys of being a member until you join, but among other things, you can list it on your resume and website.

Q: Is it true that has had the same front page up for nearly a decade?
A: Yes, plans for the site were dreamed up during a legendary tequila session. In fact, the domain was registered via I-mode on an ancient DoCoMo clamshell that very night. The drinking establishment in question is no more, but the dream lives on..

2 thoughts on “Sacred Society of Osakan Webmasters FAQ

  1. If only I could afford the membership fees…

    We were ahead of our time in terms of planning. would have eclipsed Facebook, Amazon, and Rakuten. If only we’d had complete memories of the planning session the next day…

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