Sewious Biznis

FYI: This is what happens when you insist that daddy draws on your face with mommy’s lipstick pencil.

There are some great photos in this set that I’ll post later.

3 thoughts on “Sewious Biznis

  1. I think you’re having way too much fun! Mina’s lucky to have her very own makeup artist/face painter at home. And I like the effect of that one droopy pigtail, too. Nice job, BozoDaddy!

  2. I’m guessing she’d flip out if she saw what the face painters at the last aquarium event painted on her Auntie’s face (an otter holding a purple seastar, naturally) — I’m never outgrowing face painting. Too much fun! Cute photo of M.

  3. dude, she’s such a cutie, even with $h!t drawn on her face. Adam knows what it’s like to have his face drawn on, except it’s usually a phallic symbol. And he usually wakes up needing to vomit…I’m just trying to keep it real, man.

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