Poxy Varicella

I came home yesterday after lecturing for two days, fresh off finals week, looking forward to a nice, relaxing evening and some much-needed sleep. Alas.

Max has chicken pox. Which means Mina will probably get them soon as well. Trying to keep babies living under the same roof quarantined is pretty much impossible, especially since the nanny isn’t around today, and Nam has a faculty meeting from now. It’s all on sleep-deprived daddy now… Max is just torture to look at with sores all over his mouth, writhing in agony and saying no to everything. Mina just wants to play. Plus the fuel pump in the Kujira died this morning. And the coffee in the pot tastes bitter.

A pox on pox.

4 thoughts on “Poxy Varicella

  1. Poor Max! Give him cuddles and popsicles (or maybe sleeping pills until they’re better), and I hope they both get a mild case!

  2. Dude, might as well just get them both over it quickly. It will suck for right now, but they’ll both be safe from it as adults…

  3. sucks dude. you should let her get it. then you can deal with the hell all at once. if you move here, we will take care of them. just a reminder.

  4. “…. if you move here, we will take care of them. just a reminder.”
    (mom is laughing…) uh, just a reminder on the reminder, Auntie Merin will take care of them, to be clear.
    Imagine you, Mika and Adam coming down with chicken pox two weeks later than the first in awful succession. I missed a vacation to Hawaii while dad went. It was 8 weeks of being constantly alert against scratching and scarring and trying to be patient and inventive (playing outside when the sun went down, lots of soothing baths and jello to eat and play with in the water, benedryl and massage). Let’s just say I’ve done my turn with the pox! šŸ™‚

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