2 thoughts on “Muay Thai WWF

  1. I watched the video and had to wonder how staged the fight was, given how symmetrical the action appeared. True, a lot of those hits looked plenty real, but the way those other dudes came out with the enormous pizza pans seemed, well, choreographed. (The ref did nothing about those guys, either.)

    Or did I miss your sarcasm when you said “You know you’re watching the real thing”? I’m dense that way.

    Just saw news about a quake along the Thai/Burmese border (yes, I still proudly say BURMA! thank you, CIA World Factbook). Any tremors where you are?

  2. Not a quiver.

    There are a few muay thai shows around major tourist centers that specialize in these staged fights. I’m not saying these guys can’t fight for real or that rolling with those blows doesn’t take skill (1:33 !!!); but the fights are scripted.

    BTW those pizza pans are trays used to catch water doused on the fighters in between rounds. They place stools on top of the trays and the fighters sit on them.

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