From today, Monday’s my only day off – and I’ll take it, because until now I didn’t have one (I was teaching at least TOEFL prep night classes every day, but they finished last week). I figure I’ll spend the morning drinking cafe creme and playing on the computer, clean the Crown’s spark plugs before it gets too hot, and go in to the office in the afternoon.

Max is staying home because there’s only one teacher at school (one quit and another’s at a seminar) today and he’s coming down with a cold or something. It’s easier to make sure he gets enough liquids and sleep at home… BUT HE AND MINA ARE FIGHTING EACH OTHER AAAAAAALLL THE TIIIIIIIIIME!

It doesn’t feel like a day off.

4 thoughts on “Spidermax

  1. This is kind of what you get for encouraging them to play-wrestle. I’m just sayin’…

    What exactly does fighting between a not-even-one-year-old and a two year old involve? Pushing each other over? Hitting each other upside the head with toys? Crocodile tears and indistinguishable baby-babble? I’m jealous. So jealous that I may take up part-time babysitting/nannying of a one-month-old baby girl here. We’ll see.

    If they get to be too much, you can always ship one off to Auntie. Even for a week or so. They both might still be small enough to fit in a suitcase, if Mom’s able to visit y’all.

  2. As I recall, those were the heinous year of baby-toddler fighting and it didn’t matter if I got two identical toys for each of you, you ended up clobbering each other for the same one! Sibling rivalry wars have just begun, honey, but they will eventually form a strong alliance against stupid parental rules when they’re older, no worries! šŸ™‚

  3. i put money on mina. she’s got fire. plus you guys coddled max since he was the firstborn. one day, i will tell them how i still have pencil lead in my knee from a fight with Adam…

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