Baby Updates 9/26/2010

  • Max is 2 years and 5 months old and can identify around forty animals in English and Thai (we’re holding back on teaching him Japanese so far)
  • He can sing the ABC song and did so on stage with thirty kids at least twice his age this morning (at a strange baby TV expo at a local hotel [Takasila #2] I still don’t really understand)
  • He is going through a crybaby phase (please let it be a short one) and goes to mommy when he really wants something
  • He is currently getting over a serious cough that’s spread around schools all over Thailand


  • Mina is nine months old and can stand unsupported for 7-8 second stretches
  • She wakes up smiling and can shake her head no
  • She can scream louder and higher than humanly possible (this usually happens when you’ve wronged her by taking foreign objects out of her mouth or wiping her face clean)
  • She fights dirty and has recently added a new move – Super Baby Razor Tooth Chomp
  • She is currently coming down with a serious cough that’s spread around schools all over Thailand

4 thoughts on “Baby Updates 9/26/2010

  1. So cool that Max so carefully lines up his dinosaurs (I presume) in a fastidiously-neat line!

    And that Mina-Monster doesn’t simply plow through the line!

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