Mina has been crawling for a month

Just to make that clear; sorry I forgot to mention this earlier. No time, ever. Max is wailing because he’s in sickie mode, but I want him to go to school to snap out of it. The babysitter just came, so we can get ready to go.

Oh, and Mina can sit up, pull herself up to her feet, and walk if she has something to grab onto. She might walk really soon… Please, god NO.

3 thoughts on “Mina has been crawling for a month

  1. I think that’s why “cute but scary little baby dolls” in films like the last Toy Story movie, are so funny….we’ve all seen babies at Mina’s stage with big wide-eyed grins on their faces lurching forward, arms stretched out to grab empty air while defying the law of gravity…..oh boy.

    Wish she was here to chase the puppies!

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